National Award winning Marathi film Champions is an inspiring tale of two brothers who belong to the underprivileged society struggling to get an education and turn up to be champions in real life. The movie which is co-produced by actor-turned-producer Aishwarya Narkar and Shrirang Godbole and was first screened at the Pune International Film Festival 2011 will finally be showcased for a wider audience. "When we made the movie we only had festival releases in our mind as it is based on a subject with an international appeal. But after the recognition and awards that the film has earned, we now want it to reach the masses," informs Aishwarya.
Post its release in PIFF, Champions had triggered quite a debate on the issue of child labour across the state which prompted Godbole to release it in theatres. "The main intention to release Champions to a wider audience is to champion the cause of child labour and child education. There are many children in our country, who are deprived of basic education. Kids who work so that they can study pose an ethical dilemma to child rights activists. So the theatrical release of this movie is a step forward on this important subject. We want the common man as well as policy-makers to watch this movie," he says.

Synopsis :

This is a story of two little boys who are brothers and belong to an underprivileged society, where there is a constant struggle to keep up with the basic needs of everyday living. They live in a family where the mother and father in spite of their daily struggle and short comings strongly encourage their children education, and in response the children stand strong and worthy on their parents efforts and show a lot of enthusiasm towards their schooling. The future of the boys looks very promising to the parents, who see the realization of their dreams in their childís education. But unfortunately fate deals its own cards, where it presents the players very little options to win. The boys are put through test by life by presenting them with unprecedented situations, challenges and storms. But the boyís undaunted determination to acquire knowledge through schooling and achieving their goals makes them the CHAMPIONS of life.
Looking at the larger picture of many more similar children around, the situation demands strong attention. In the course of the story we also put some light on the problems of child labour and street children education. According to surveys obtained the rate of students in Municipal schools is descending at an alarming rate. Statistics tells that only 40 to 50 students appear for SSC among the 100 students that take admission in the first grade. Here is an inspiring story of the relentless efforts of the two brothers who turn up to be THE CHAMPIONS of real life